How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost In St Albans? [An Updated 2024 Breakdown]

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  • The average cost for a loft conversion is £60,000
  • It will take about 6 – 8 weeks to complete


In this article, you’ll find the following:

    • A breakdown of pricing information for different types of loft conversions
    • Additional factors to consider that must not be overlooked in the planning phase

St Albans, with its soaring property prices, is seeing a growing trend among homeowners turning towards loft conversions. This practical solution not only expands your living space but also boosts your property’s value in a budget-friendly manner.

Due to its prime location and just a brief train trip away from the hustle and bustle of London, St Albans truly presents an attractive proposition for families desiring more space without needing to relocate.

As leading builders in St Albans, CJ Smith has a broad selection of loft conversions at our disposal, each with its distinct benefits and costs. By comprehending these disparities and the potential fluctuating factors that mould the overall price, homeowners can adeptly strategise and allocate their budget for their envisioned conversion.

In this article, we’ll be diving into an in-depth costing guide for a variety of loft conversion types for St Albans residents, all updated for 2024.

Without further delay, let’s break down the costs and unique traits of each loft conversion option that you, as a homeowner in St Albans, can avail of in 2024.

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The average cost of a loft conversion is £60,000

Depending on the complexity of the job, it usually takes: 6-8 Weeks

Want to know exactly what goes into the cost of a loft conversion? 

Types of Loft Conversions We Offer and Their Costs

There are several types of loft conversions that you could consider for your St Albans home. The most popular options include:

How Much Will Velux Loft Conversions Cost?

A Velux loft makeover is a cost-effective way of transforming a loft space into a liveable area in St Albans. Known for the minimal disturbance it causes during the process, it’s an attractive choice for homeowners. A comprehensive Velux loft makeover service from CJ Smiths ensures meticulous attention to minimising construction hassles. This approach makes the transformation process quicker and hassle-free.

Contrary to many loft conversion types, Velux conversions don’t involve significant changes to the roof structure – the modification mainly lies in adding windows.

Carving a comfortable living area from an existing attic reserves the benefit of needing less frequent planning permissions. Regardless, adhering to the typical construction standards remains an unwavering requirement even when plotting this room.

Velux conversions, renowned for minimal structural adjustments, pave the way for generous amounts of natural light. Keeping the loft intact while embracing the potential to engrave windows onto the roof augments the allure of your space, injecting an invigorating brightness into the room.

Velux loft conversion, given its benefits, typically commences at a modest investment beginning around £15,000. 

How Much Will Dormer Loft Conversions Cost?

As we turn towards Dormer Loft Conversions, we witness these types becoming a favoured choice among St Albans residents, especially those occupying semi-detached or terraced houses. They typically cost in the range of £50,000 – £80,000, depending on the particular type of Dormer. 

These conversions enhance not just the livability but also the headroom, these techniques breathe new life into the assumed boundaries of the roof’s geometry.

Though marked by their simplistic design, Dormer conversions are structured within a guarded expansion capacity to maintain the aesthetic balance of your home façade. Planning permission is questionable so it’s best to contact St Albans building regulations, this is something we can help you with!

Kinds of Dormer Conversions:

Flat Roof Dormer: Pragmatic and straightforward, this design strategy amplifies the livable attic area by intelligently erecting an additional ‘room’ within the existing roof’s blueprint. Its reputation for effectively maximising space welcomes a broad spectrum of homeowners.

A side by side double dormer loft conversion at a recent project in St Albans

Pitched Roof Dormer: While offering slightly less area than a flat roof dormer, a pitched roof dormer can enhance the house’s visual appeal. The sloping roof is particularly beneficial in handling rain or snow, but the incline may reduce available floor space in the newly added room.

Dormer Window Incorporation: Due to their uncomplicated structures, dormer designs are the easiest loft conversions to accommodate windows. As a trusted builder in St Albans, we at CJ Smiths make sure to provide the precise precise window options you desire while ensuring a consistent style with the rest of your home.

In comparison to a Velux loft, the cost of a dormer loft might range from £ 40,000 to £70,000. This is because adding a dormer necessitates a far more involved process of converting the attic and a complete redo of the roof’s architecture and layout.

How Much Will A Mansard Loft Conversion Cost?

These conversions offer a comprehensive solution to expanding living space as they transform the full extent of the roof into an additional room. Commonly installed at the back of a property, these conversions not only maximise space but also add an aesthetic value that is in harmony with the rest of your house. Bear in mind, that such an upgrade requires significant construction work, additional planning permission and the costs can be higher relative to other loft conversion options.

What makes Mansard’s conversions stand out is their adaptability. They provide a wide array of design options, seamlessly fitting into the existing roof design. Although these conversions are typically larger, they provide substantial extra space for transforming unused loft areas into usable rooms.

Unlike the straight wall design of dormer lofts, Mansard styles feature a slightly slanted wall, which although may seemingly reduce space, they offer a greater loft height which contributes to additional headroom and comfort.

The most costly of the typical alternatives is a mansard loft, which may cost anywhere from £45,000 to £70,000. The specific design of the loft and its integration with the roof of the home determine this.

How Much Will Wrap Around Loft Conversions Cost?

Expansive Wrap Around Loft Transformations offer a significant increase in roof space, creating a full room with multiple vertical walls in addition to more head height than traditional sloping roofs. While they demand considerable planning, time, and investment, they stand as one of the most expansive conversions available, essentially adding a new floor to your home.

Due to their expansiveness and complexity, costs can range approximately from £15,000 to £45,000

Hip to Gable Loft Transformations

Hip to Gable loft transformations not only expand the available floor space in your loft but prioritise additional headroom as well. These conversion styles resemble the preferred dormer conversions; however, they differ in position, being situated on the roof’s side instead of the front or back.

Commonly utilised in semi-detached houses, they offer an opportunity to optimise available space in homes with medium-sized lofts. Their execution might necessitate substantial modifications to the room, consequently requiring a considerable degree of planning and effort.

At CJ Smiths, we can assist you in formulating the best possible Hip to Gable loft transformation plan, but please note that it would involve detailed planning.

The installation of a hip-to-gable conversion typically drives up the price. Because of this, the price can go up to £40,000 to £65,000.

Off-Site Prepped Modular Loft Conversions

Modular loft conversions, prepared off-site and installed in place of the original roof, present an advanced conversion solution. Though they do require a roof replacement and involve substantial prep work, they allow considerable flexibility for space customisation.

These conversions can cost anywhere between £1,150 – £1,900 per square meter, depending on design specifics

How Much Will L-Shaped Loft Transformations Cost?

Designed as if tailor-made for architectural silhouettes with unique rooflines, especially L-shaped ones, the L-shaped loft conversions can be a match made in loft transformation heaven. These conversions may raise the bar a notch in terms of effort, but the trade-off is a substantial upgrade in usable area over conventional loft transformations.

In addition to boosting the loft’s capacity, these transformations weave subtly into the existing architecture of the building, knitting separate loft sections into a unified and expansive living area.

A further touch of personalisation such as dormer windows, sloping roofs, or sound-proofing packages your dream abode to your exact taste, harmoniously balancing customisation, safety norms, and architectural restrictions.

The cost of an L-shaped conversion in St Albans is estimated to be around £58,000 plus VAT.

How Much Will Sun-kissed Roof Light Loft Transformations Cost?

Championing the cause of natural light, roof light loft conversions are all about carving skylights into loft havens. Easy on the pocket and light on planning permissions thanks to their inherent simplicity, these conversions can either run solo or merge into larger loft transformations. With an array of skylight selections to choose from, they cater to the lighting palate of all, snapping together the perfect loft lighting solution.

Being the simplest and most cost-effective options, these conversions price as low as £1,500 for just skylight installations.

Aspects Influencing Loft Conversion Expenses

Several factors can influence the final cost of your loft conversion in St Albans, including the chosen type of conversion, materials, and complexity of the design.

1.   Size and Complexity

The bigger and more complex the size of the conversion, the fatter the bill. For instance, planning an attached bathroom or sketching multiple rooms will rack up the final tab.

2.   Material and Finish Quality

The selected quality of materials and finishes will dictate their cost. Upscale finishes and fixtures dial up the loft conversion cost.

3.   Planning Permissions and Construction Norms

Certain types of loft conversions seek planning permissions, carrying additional costs with them. Compliance with construction codes also adds extra costs like hiring a construction regulation inspector.

4.   Labour

Labour charges will swing with the size of your project, the work’s intricacy, and the location. Being an upmarket residential locality near London, St Albans records higher labour costs compared to most other country parts.

5.   Structural Tweaks and Insulation

Certain properties might need structural reinforcements to shoulder the additional weight of a loft conversion. Moreover, the installation of proper insulation is a must to meet building regulations, affecting the total cost.

Additional loft conversion Costs to consider 

While planning your loft conversion for your property in St Albans, don’t lose sight of the following probable overheads:

Architecture and Structural Engineer Fees

Professional inputs from an architect and a structural engineer are vital for a successful loft conversion. Services from these experts can range between £1,000 and £3,000.

Furnishing and Decor

Post-completion of your loft conversion, you will need to dress up and decorate the new space, which will influence your overall budget and timescale. 

Typical loft conversion costs in St Albans of 2024

Get Your St Albans Loft Transformations Today!

The key to your St Albans loft conversion budget lies in the chosen conversion’s type and size, as well as individual add-ons. With an array of options to pick from, balancing personal needs and budgetary limitations can be an intimidating task.

Remembering popular loft conversion uses and their unique perks can serve as a structured compass, guiding you toward the best decision for individual or family homes.

Also, remembering the potential value addition a loft conversion brings to your home can be a motivating factor throughout your loft conversion journey. 

CJ Smiths Loft Conversions, a trusted name for over a decade among St Albans’ residents, is a cost-effective professional loft conversion service of choice. 

Our bulletproof track record, seamless customer engagement, superior craftmanship, effective project oversight, and non-negotiable commitment toward customer satisfaction remain our defining hallmarks.


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