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Realising a Dream: The Magnificent Extension Project On Eagle Way

At CJ Smiths, we’re excited to share the story of a groundbreaking project: an oversized rear ground floor extension in the heart of St Albans, a true expression of our ability to bring ambitious dreams to life. Over a period of 24 weeks, our dedicated team added a remarkable 94 square metres to the property, creating not just additional space but a masterpiece of design and engineering.

The project posed some significant challenges, foremost among them the installation of exceptionally large steelwork across the rear of the property. The sheer size of the steelwork required meticulous planning and precision, as there was absolutely no room for error. This task was carried out with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring structural integrity at its core.

Another integral aspect of the build was future-proofing. Knowing the client’s aspirations for a double-story extension, the steelwork installed was designed to support additional construction in the future. This foresight demonstrates our commitment to not just meeting current needs but also anticipating and preparing for our clients’ future aspirations.

A particular challenge was the installation of expansive rear patio doors, spanning over 7.5 metres. Handling and installing panes of glass this large demanded extreme care and precision, a challenge our team met with skill and professionalism.

However, the positives of this project are numerous and transformative. Topping the list was the opportunity to build the client’s lifelong dream of an extended and open-plan kitchen/living space. This newly created area, flooded with natural light thanks to the large patio doors, has turned into a spectacular space for the family to enjoy for years to come.

Additionally, the landscaping of the entire garden has provided a beautiful retreat for the client and their family. It’s a perfect space for enjoying summer evenings and immersing in nature. The kitchen, a centrepiece of this extension, is top-of-the-range, combining style with functionality. The addition of a free-standing island and the sleek finish reflects the high standards of our work.

We also constructed two studio walls, allowing us to recess TVs and fireplaces flush with the perimeter walls, enhancing the overall elegance and sophistication of the space.

Throughout the project, we maintained a close eye on every detail, managing each step with care and precision. This attention to detail and our commitment to project management is something we know our clients deeply value and appreciate.

This extension on Eagle way is more than just a structural addition; it is a realisation of a dream, a space that embodies the client’s vision, crafted with our architectural and design expertise. It stands as a testament to CJ Smiths’ dedication to delivering bespoke, high-quality solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ aspirations. This project was a true joy for us to be a part of. 

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