Another loft renovation CJ Smiths has completed
A side by side double dormer loft conversion at a recent project in St Albans

Two Neighbouring Loft Conversions: A Unique Challenge and Triumph

In a challenging yet rewarding project, the CJ Smiths team undertook two adjoining loft conversions for neighbouring properties. This endeavour, completed over 16 weeks, added a substantial 60 square metres across both homes, significantly enhancing their space and value.

The complexity of this project was evident from the outset. We embarked on two loft conversions side by side, each presenting its own unique requirements and challenges. The first conversion expanded by 35 square metres, while the second saw an increase of 25 square metres. An extensive amount of scaffolding was erected covering both properties, a necessary requirement to ensure the safety and efficiency of the build whilst also protecting the Windermere project from the elements. 

One of the critical aspects of this project was the addition of nine courses of bricks to each property. This addition was crucial in increasing the ceiling heights of the new loft rooms, transforming them into bright, airy living spaces.

Navigating the planning regulations was a significant challenge. To adhere to these regulations and demonstrate the distinct nature of each conversion, we crafted a visible space between the two lofts when viewed from the rear. This clever design not only met regulatory demands but also added a unique characteristic to the centre of the conversions. 

The completion of these loft conversions stands as a testament to the ethos of CJ Smiths. It showcases our ability to blend functionality with aesthetics and to overcome complex challenges. These conversions are more than just extensions; they reflect the individuality and style of the homeowners. They demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our dedication to realising our clients’ visions, proving that with creativity and expertise, even the most challenging projects can be completed.

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