Can i put a toilet in my garden room

Can I Put a Toilet in My Garden Room? Essential Factors to Consider

Posted by Craig | Updated April, 2024 | 10 Min Read Time

At a glance 

  • Yes, It’s possible to install a toilet in your garden room, although certain factors must be considered. 


In this article, you’ll find the following:

  • The installation of a toilet in a garden room is possible but requires careful consideration.
  • Building regulations approval and planning permission may be necessary for your project
  • Incorporate the toilet in the initial design for a smooth and successful process.

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular to extend living space while avoiding the cost and disruption of traditional home extensions. One question that often arises when considering a garden room is whether it’s possible to include a toilet. The answer is yes, you can put a toilet in your garden room, but there are certain requirements and factors to be taken into consideration.

Firstly, the installation of a toilet in a garden room will likely require certain regulations of approval to ensure that the construction and plumbing are up to standard. Planning permission may also be necessary, depending on your particular garden room and its intended purpose. It is essential to consult your local council’s planning department to determine if these approvals are required for your project.

When designing your garden room, a toilet should be considered from the outset. This will ensure that your chosen garden building has the necessary space as well as the required pipework and connections for a successful installation. It is also vital to ensure that the installation process complies with permitted development regulations.

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Toilet in a custom built garden room

The Installation Of A Toilet In A Garden Room Is Possible

Although the correct planning and building regulations must be adhered to.

Need somewhere to put an outside toilet for those BBQs this summer? 

Can I Put a Toilet in My Garden Room?

Yes, it is possible to install a toilet in your garden room, although the correct planning and building regulations must be adhered to. These consideration must be addressed before the work has begun in order to avoid any unexpected delays. 

Strategising Your New Garden Room Project

Navigating Planning Permission and Building Regulations for Garden Rooms

Most garden rooms fall under permitted development and do not need planning permission. However, it is crucial to check the specific rules and regulations for your local area. Requirements might vary depending on factors such as the location of your property and the intended purpose of the garden room, be it a garden office, gym, or leisure space.

Building regs also apply to garden rooms to ensure safety and comply with relevant standards. Garden rooms used as garden offices and gyms typically have a higher standard than sheds or summer houses. It is essential to follow these regulations during construction to avoid future issues or even the need to remove the structure.

To better understand whether your garden room project requires certain permissions, feel free to reach out to us.

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Internal view of a garden room looking out onto the garden

Designing and Installing Your Garden Room: From Concept to Completion

When designing your garden room, consider factors such as the size and functionality of the space. Take into account the purpose, whether it’s a garden office, gym, or relaxation area, and plan accordingly. Consider additional features such as electricity, heating, and insulation, especially for all-year-round usage.

Installation of a toilet and bathroom facilities in your garden room may require additional approvals. This involves in-depth design considerations and adhering to regulations for the construction and installation process. Considering these factors at the planning stage ensures a successful and stress-free outcome for your garden room.

Essentials for a Functional Garden Building: Incorporating Toilets and Showers

Integrating Utilities and Services for a Garden Room with Bathroom Facilities

To create a comfortable garden room with a toilet, plumbing, electricity, and ventilation are essential. To fit a toilet, proper plumbing is necessary, and the pipework should be buried at least 450mm below the surface.

For electricity, consider connecting the garden room to the main house’s electrical supply to power appliances like a toilet, shower, or kitchen if necessary. Moreover, installing a proper ventilation system is crucial for maintaining indoor air quality and controlling humidity.

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Understanding Permissions and Legalities for Adding a Toilet to Your Garden Room

Understanding planning permission and building regs is crucial for any garden room project. You may require planning permission for your garden room, depending on its location, size, and intended use. Similarly, these regulations apply to drainage, water supply, and sewage management.

For instance, installing a toilet in a garden room requires approval. It’s crucial to check with your local authorities regarding these requirements before proceeding with the construction.

When designing your garden room, consider the multiple creative uses, such as a serene home office, a vibrant entertainment area, or a guest room with a toilet and shower. Keeping in mind the practicalities of utilities, services, and legal requirements will ensure that your garden room is a hassle-free, comfortable, and enjoyable space.

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Wrapping Up: Key Takeaways for Launching Your Garden Room with Toilet Installation

In summary, it is possible to install a toilet in a garden room. Proper planning and adhering to regulations are essential to ensure a successful installation. Plumbing requirements can vary depending on the type of toilet and the location of the garden room.

To maximise the functionality and convenience of your garden room, incorporating essential facilities such as a toilet, sink, or even a shower can play a significant role. It is crucial to coordinate with garden room builders to allocate suitable space for plumbing, electrical wiring, and conform to the desired interior style of your garden building.

In conclusion, adding a toilet to your garden room is a practical and achievable. By following the necessary guidelines and seeking professional advice, you can enhance your garden room experience and maximise its potential.


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