The clients asked how long does it take to renovate a house? This was the final result
Loft conversion by Cj Smiths

Collyer Road Project: Crafting The Perfect Family Home

At CJ Smiths, our recent project on Collyer Road in St Albans, crafted for the smiths, was both a challenge and a delight. This extensive venture involved a ground-floor rear extension and a loft conversion, adding a total of 80 square meters of living space over a 24-week timeframe.

The project’s backbone was the complex steelwork required to bridge between the two properties. The tight access posed a significant logistical challenge, demanding ingenious planning and precision execution to ensure the steelwork was correctly and safely installed. Additionally, carrying out such extensive work in a bustling family home required meticulous scheduling and adaptability to minimise disruption to the smiths family’s daily life.

The ground floor extension, adding 40 square meters, now boasts a modern kitchen equipped with the latest appliances. Its center piece, a freestanding island with an integrated fridge, merges functionality with style. One of the project’s features, which was requested is the underfloor heating, providing a cozy ambiance during colder months and enhancing the comfort of this family-centric space. This extension has transformed the property, creating an expansive area for family activities and social gatherings.

Upstairs, the loft conversion has equally impressive features. This 40 square meter space includes an en-suite shower room, reflecting a blend of convenience and luxury. Custom-fitted wardrobes along the far wall offer ample storage, maintaining the area’s sleek aesthetic. The incorporation of three skylights ensures the loft is bathed in natural light, making the space feel open and airy. From here, one can enjoy a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the surrounding London Colney area, adding a unique charm to this personal retreat.

The success of the Collyer Road project lies in our ability to create spaces that not only meet our clients’ functional needs but also resonate with their lifestyle and aspirations. For the Smith family, these extensions are more than just additional square meters; they are spaces where memories will be made, where comfort meets elegance, and where every detail reflects their personality and needs.

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