A home renovation CJ Smiths completed in St Albans
A stunning kitchen renovation for our St Albans Clients

Beresford Road Transformation: The Dream Home Extension

In the charming neighborhood of Beresford Road, St Albans, the Quinn family’s home underwent a remarkable transformation. Entrusted to CJ Smiths, the project encompassed a double side and partial story extension, along with a full internal refurbishment. Over 28 weeks, we added a substantial 120 square meters to their home, carefully navigating the challenge of keeping the family comfortably in residence during the build.

The project’s complexity lay not only in its scale but also in its requirement to align with the Quinns’ bustling lifestyle. Our team meticulously planned each phase, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily routines. This commitment to client comfort and project efficiency exemplifies the CJ Smiths ethos.

At the heart of this renovation is the ground floor, expanded by 70 square meters. It now houses a stunning matt grey kitchen, offset by glossy white worktops, exuding a contemporary yet timeless elegance. The kitchen island, integrated with a wine rack, becomes more than a functional piece; it’s a symbol of hospitality and the joy of gathering. The newly added space comfortably fits a 10-person table, ideal for family feasts and social events.

Artistic touches elevate the interior design, with spotlighting strategically placed above selected picture frames to accentuate the Quinns’ exquisite art collection. Natural light plays a significant role in the ambiance of the ground floor, with numerous skylights and black patio doors allowing sunlight to flood the living areas. Underfloor heating throughout ensures warmth and comfort, a feature that has consistently delighted our St. Albans clients.

The first-floor refurbishment, encompassing an added 50 square meters, saw a complete transformation. Fresh plaster and paint revitalised the space, complemented by the warmth of fitted oak doors. The bathroom, now boasting a free-standing bath with an independent tap system, epitomises luxury and modernity.

One of the project’s highlights is the seamless integration of functional design with aesthetic appeal. The extensions not only enhance the living space but also embody the Quinn family’s personality and lifestyle needs. From the practical underfloor heating to the luxurious kitchen fittings and the sophisticated spotlighting on the artwork, every detail reflects a harmonious balance between comfort and style.

Visit our project gallery to explore this and other projects, where we turn visions into reality, creating spaces that resonate with our client’s aspirations and lifestyles. Beresford Road stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in both design and execution.



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